momentary memory tempest

most of the time it is something
on the horizon behind me and forgotten about
maybe even blurry and lost some of the detail
evidentially the ones that hurt are
not as hard to forget as i previously thought
tomorrow is always more important than yesterday
almost every occurence makes me forget
red behind my eyes that
you know that i lived with for years
making me struggle to suffocate the hate
eventually planting the seeds of bitterness
more time needed alone with a pen
opening up and spilling out on the page again
releasing what was the anchor holding
you back from a consistent progression day by day
that last time i discussed it was the end of
every hope i had for finalizing the past
must be easier to forget for the abusers than the abused
permanent scars on the inside make me hate you
each time i see you
so now i have to get over that

About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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