find new experiences

flying to the places you remember
inside your mind it all seems so real
none of these kinds of days are rooted in place
deny myself the basic needs of
nice embraces and a warm comfy blanket
even if it is the day to go outside and explore around
while the world keeps going through the hours
eventually the end of our story is here like
x,y,z, and then the song is over
predicting where the future will lead is not for me
eventually i am just going to pick my own direction and
ride that sunset all the way to a different spot
if it was my last day i would face it with a smile
end of every day just learning to be thankfull
now i know to pay attention to how open and giving i am
could be i need somebody to remove all emotions from me
endure the loss of every passion and devotion
sometimes you just got to break free


About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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