reading into everything

revolutions of the world seem fast
evertime i would give anything to slow them
as agression is my constant opponent
dont ever remember it if it hurt that bad
incidents that would make yearning thoughts hide
nearly as scary as that last time you were drunk and i
get that our teasing is accusations of cheating but
if you abuse the privledge you recieve then it vanishes and
now you have to deal with the reaction you get
terrible storms have long since passed
only those who hid under cover made it out
everybody avoids assuming the worst unless
voting or dealing with thier favorite bank
evidence is not as important as feelings in that court
ribs that feel a little bit sore on me because
you had a good time on me last night
the fact that i didn’t have as good a time as you dont matter
having an odd filter but at least i have one
included is the ability to feel for other people
nobody can escape every storm yet
great spirits can make it arrive at your door

About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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