my skin is hungry again

maybe i didn’t make it obvious or
you just didn’t notice how bad it was
some of the times you saw my needs
kisses like this can heal as much as they feel
inspiration finds me in a way that seems
night time and fog joining up as a mystery
inside the desire of unobserveable freedoms
stuck into a box without walls or corners
suffocating in the hopes and dreams
that are fullfilled
after all that you have been through who can blame you
right now i just want to be held but it is
very unlikely you will give me that sometime soon
in the last few months we have cuddled
now i see that is enough
got to admit that once in a while i need affection
aware that all i ask for is important
giant desires that are struggling for air and
adored by a painfull ache in a suffering heart
instead of waiting for what i want i should ust go get it
now the stab of night time cold feels good

About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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