if then and if when
the red hearts grow upon
a new hidden fate
if hate and if hope
you know you inspire me so
i promise you a chance like this only comes so often
a first
at the spark
eating up air
and molding a direction
making a way and using what is there
using what can be used,
as a type of devouring
of an often dangerous nature
taking furous and quick next steps,
and becomes the teeth that
warriors must fight against
upon land once so lush
an ecology which is nearly decimated
will embark on a green rebuilding year
once enough time has passed
but those who kept the battleground
after pulling survivors from the tumult aftermath
yet coming together in the fury
and grafted speedy departure
we mourn and hurt inside the
searing heal
as is our losses and rememberance
yet are losses by charred scars and unrelated  parts
but are soothed by thanks to those who have scars and replaced  bits

About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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