When life goes into a double
Overdrive, you have options. There is always
Giving up, but nobody chooses that, unless
You have already been so beaten down that
You cannot face it any more. And you can
See it in the look that people have when life
Has beaten them down enough that they
Give up. You can carry on, the same old
Way that you always have been without
Trying to hard to change it or even
Making any waves or trying to stir up the
Waters, just managing to keep your head up
Enough to keep on going and that is the best you
Can do. But the reaction that would help the
Most is to put yourself into double time as well,
And grab the chance to change. There are
Plenty of opportunities to deny, but only so many
To really do things with gusto, and be a brave
Person facing the horror of a life unlived. It
Is your life, don’t really treat it like a Christmas
Present you halfway wrapped and forgot to
Properly fill. Put all the glitter and fireworks and
Fury and excitement you want to in it, then wrap it all
Up in the rest of the calendar year and lets
Go. You are the biggest obstacle to your
Dreams, so get out there and do your things,
And don’t let yourself down

About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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