constant doubting returns

can you imagine?
over and over it keeps returning,
needless as can be and painful sometimes,
so where does this even come from and
these thoughts that come with it are unsettling,
aching soul,
nurtured by a twisted tree of
times that would be better of forgotten,
during the night things just get worse but
owning your own hurt is just one of life’s lessons,
using it to drive you is not a common motivation,
because moving on and not remembering is so much easier,
those who have fallen know how simple it is,
intensity is just a word to some types yet somehow,
not to the ones who recognized it the very least,
getting burned by the flame is different for those who lit it,
right when i want to live,
everything wants me to die,
the fly only gets 24 hours and still finds a
usefull thing to do,
rolling over the highs and lows of the seasons
never have been so aware of how thankful i should be
smile through it all and you will live longer

About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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