i do not know why any more

in the times when we had good memories
during each morning grateful and each evening confused
only one look in the bedroom but
now every nap can show a different message
on the kitchen counter or on top of the couch cushion
taking a few minutes to embrace when it counts
keep your chin up and don’t let yourself down
narrowly dodged bullets occur in every life
one day you will tell me you love me
when you do it won’t happen only in my dreams
why do the winter days seem so much fun
having nothing to do but make art and have yummy food
you have eyes that i will never forget
after all these years the grey clouds have cleared
nighttime is more and more and more magical with you
yellow candles and the glow of the moon
mighty winds just make me want to walk
on the edge of blowing over or fighting forth
reaching into the interior of my mind
eating waves of fire

About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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