completed destination

complicated times cause people to be
orderly in the way they beat each other down
minutes can pass slowly when you cannot
please your brain any direction this day
like the hundred times you doubt
every time a whole day goes wrong
there are only statements to show yourself
each bit of time when
dispair will be shown that it will not win
drowning in rain is easier than this
eyes seem to reveal far too much these moments
sometimes i just want to hear someone say they care
the best i can get is to hope i am not abused
in time i will build up bigger walls
not that this comes as a suprise of any kind
ache of an emotional sort like a pocket watch i carry
there are ways to relieve my wearyness
into the living room under a warm blanket
on this plate a warm pumpkin brownie
now i just need your embrace to be completely recharged

About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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